website I’m a free spirited woman, who’s a mother, daughter, sister, friend and partner. I’m also a floral designer, and interior arranger. I studied Interior and floral design through home study courses years ago and found I had a natural gift.

My passion is making handmade items and one-of-a kind wreaths to add warmth and beauty to the world, one home at a time. I also love making your home or office into a space where you feel warm, comfortable and nurtured.

I’ve been blessed with two great sons’ who always encouraged me to follow my dreams even when I felt I had no dreams left. I hadn’t always loved the work I did and found myself getting further and further away from what really got my juices flowing.JulianBrendan

I started a home staging business for homes going on the market for sale and for homes that needed a new look. This is where I learned a great deal about the art of placement. After a few years the housing market took a turn for the worst, so I found myself looking for something else I could be passionate about.

I became an Internet entrepreneur but never feeling quite fulfilled. I kept being lead back to design and working with flowers I found a mentor that had given me hope again that my dreams really could come true. This is what has lead to, Artificial Wreath Expressions.

I recently made a move half way across the country, leaving my adult son’s behind in California to help care for an aging parent. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to start new and look forward continue pursuing my passions.