Best Way To Hang A Wreath On A Glass Storm Door

Does your Wreath Keep Sliding Down Your Glass Door?

wreath on glass storm door


I never realized just how many people have glass storm doors until I moved to the Mid West. Where I lived before security doors were the common thing. They’re not the prettiest looking door and hard to hang wreaths on too! So, I always hung my wreath to the side of the door and that worked for me.

Storm doors sure do take away from a beautiful front door. I always thought if you invested in a good door why put on a storm door? Oh well, so how do you hang a wreath on one?

Most of you like to hang a wreath during the holidays if not year round and they usually won’t fit between the front door and storm door, unless it’s rather flat, but hanging them on a glass door is tricky depending on the weight of the wreath.

Large Suction Cup, these cups for lighter weight wreaths. Make sure the glass is clean when you stick the cup on.suction cup

•  Metal Wreath Hangers have been used but it may get bent trying to close the door on it or possibly damage your door or trim. You don’t want that to happen

Clear Heavy Fishing Line or ribbon can be used. String it through the wreath and tie it to the door mechanism on the other side.

magnetic wreath hookWreaths Magnets are popular but there are a couple things you need to know. You have to use them with a lighter weight wreath or the wreath will slide down the door. They also won’t work if it’s a double pane glass. The magnet isn’t strong enough.

Command Outdoor Hooks, now you have to make sure they say “outdoors”. They’re designed specifically for that purpose and can be used Command outdoor hookson glass doors, windows, etc…

Be sure the glass is smooth, clean and dry. This must be done in temperatures above 15° F, -9° C. They can endure temperatures down to – 20°F, – 29° C. It can stand hot climates up to 125°F, 51°C. If your wreath is heavy and you want to hang it on a glass door I would purchase a large outdoor command hook for best results.

 If hanging your wreath on your glass door is not an option then I would consider hanging the wreath alongside the front door or somewhere on the porch where it’s visible from the street.

 If you’ve successfully hung a wreath from a glass door and would like to share how you did it, please post your comments below. I would love to hear them




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