Custom Wreaths

Custom wreaths are a Fantastic way to go if you want something extra special for yourself or someone else! They can be made to match your Home Decor, a particular Hobby or Interest that you want to capture in a wreath.

They’re wonderful for significant events like a Birth, Wedding or Anniversary. How about your favorite professional sports team or College! These all can be created with a custom order. We will work with you to create that One of a kind wreath you’ll cherish for years.

Custom orders tend to cost a little more depending what all will go in them. Contact me for pricing and shipping cost

Here is what you want to do first: Go to my Contact Page Then in the message include:

  • What is the occassion
  • Who is it for
  • Ideal Colors you want in it
  • Favorite flowers
  • Special Theme
  • Approximate size or size of area it is to cover

If you have a color swatch that you could send me for a specific room I will provide mailing information at the time.

Custom orders can take up to 3-4 weeks. It all depends on the number of current orders I have and materials available.

Samples of Custom orders

mothersday Kathy Princess swag